About US

As an e-foil enthusiast, I was always fascinated by the concept of flying above the water on a small electric-powered surfboard. I had tried various water sports in the past, but nothing compared to the thrill and excitement of e-foiling. I found myself spending every weekend out on the water, trying new tricks and pushing the limits of what was possible on an e-foil.

After a few months of being obsessed with e-foiling, I realized that there was a huge gap in the market for high-quality, affordable e-foil boards. Most of the boards available at the time were prohibitively expensive or lacked the necessary features to make them a viable option for most people. I saw an opportunity to fill this gap by starting my own e-foil company.

I decided to base my company in the Great South Bay of Long Island, where there were plenty of waterways and an active water sports community. I began by researching and after trying many boards realized Waydoo FlyerOne+ was the perfect fit.  

With the help of a small team of dedicated employees, I launched my company and became the Waydoo Distributor in the New York area selling & renting e-foil boards. I made sure to keep my prices affordable and my products of the highest quality, ensuring that my customers received the best possible value for their money.


Justin Latorre

Espatorre LLC DBA UpToFoil